Google have made the decision to make Data Driven Attribution (DDA) their default model for all new conversion actions.

Attribution has always been a murky topic, particularly since different platforms use different models (hello reporting discrepancies!). Here’s our hot take on this recent update: 

What’s changing?
  • All new conversion actions will default to the DDA model (previously, it has defaulted to last click attribution)
  • All existing conversion actions will be migrated to DDA in the future, unless you take action.
How will you be impacted?

If you’re setting up new conversions for yourself, or working with new clients, you’ll see the attribution model default to DDA. You’re able to change this to one of the other models if you need.

For existing conversion actions, Google have said they will let you know before making any changes and you will still be able to choose any of the other attribution models.

(so essentially, keep an eye on emails from Google).

Our recommendation:

We love DDA as an attribution model, and welcome this change.

Our reco is to check whether DDA is available for your existing conversion actions, and switch them if it is. It’s a smarter modelling system, and allows for better optimisation.

In terms of changes for existing conversion actions from what we’ve seen so far, the change over doesn’t impact conversion numbers that much. If anything, we’ve seen an uptick in conversions because DDA gives us the bigger picture (more info = more accurate reporting).

Action steps:
  1. Check whether DDA is available for your existing conversion actions.
  2. If it is available, switch attribution models.
  3. Place a note in your account identifying which date you implemented the switch.
  4. Keep an eye on conversion performance post attribution switch, to make sure there aren’t any huge changes (we don’t expect there will be).

If data driven is currently not available, hang tight and check in a month or so and repeat steps one through four.

More info

To find out more information on data driven attribution head here.

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