Are your ads not cutting it? Let me help.

can you relate?

Do you have a Google Ads account but you're just not sure whether it's actually doing a good job?

Is someone running your account and they give you a report once a month that looks like it's in another language?

Let me uncover hidden opportunities to grow your business and stop wasting money on irrelevant traffic.

A super fun video review (lemme tell you what needs to be improved)

Identify wasted spend and hidden opportunities to get more bang from your buck (or ad spend!)

The quickest ways to immediately improve your Google Ads profitability

What if you could...

Understand exactly what is (and isn’t) making you money in your Google Ads account.  

After implementing my recommendations you can say goodbye to crappy keywords, junk traffic and wasted clicks and say hello to more revenue and profit.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hey, i'M kAITY

I’ve been managing the Google Ads accounts of big businesses like Showpo, Swimwear Galore and Brian Tracy for years. Now I want to help small businesses grow and increase their profitability and revenue. I’m not interested in irrelevant metrics like clicks and impressions, I’m focused on getting your business real results (think, cash in the bank) through a tailored Google Ads strategy.   

“Myself and the team at Showpo love working with Kaity. She’s really helped us navigate through a lot of growth and change throughout the last few years!” 

Jane Lu, Chief Operating Officer Showpo