Take the first steps to mastering Google Ads and making money (the non-sucky way) with...

Google Ads Bootcamp

The mini course for business owners, digital marketers and in-house marketing stars who want to skip the fluff and get to the good stuff

“This bootcamp is the best choice I’ve made in yonks”


Google Ads is the most direct way to reach (and sell to) more than half of your potential customers online

66% of people who buy online use Google Ads to find what they're looking for

And businesses that invest in Google Ads make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend*

*according to the Google Economic Impact Report.

But if you've ever given it a go you'll know that Google Ads are heckin' confusing.

That's why most 'experts' will tell you only an experienced manager or agency can handle your tech and get you the results you need.

But most experts are wrong...

You don't need an overpriced ads manager or agency to make a profit from Google Ads

You don’t even need to be particularly tech-savvy!

All you need is a little bit of time, a little bit of determination and a whole lot of know-how


How do I know?


Because I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses DIY their Google Ads and get:

…increased traffic

…increased sales

…and accounts that are performing so damn well they have to turn their ads OFF just to keep up with demand. 

And for my 1:1 clients? Google Ads generated over $25 million in revenue in 2020 alone. 


Yep, Google Ads really can be THAT powerful. 

Google Ads Bootcamp Course

And it’s possible for you to achieve the ROI you need and put every dollar you spend on Google Ads back in YOUR pocket (and not in the hands of an ads manager)

Take a breath, I got you


Google Ads Bootcamp

Google Ads Bootcamp Inclusions

The mini course to put you on the right path to using Google Ads in a profitable way minus the tech overwhelm and marketing BS

Inside this Google Ads bootcamp you'll learn:


In Google Ads Bootcamp we break down complex concepts in a way that’s engaging and super easy to understand.

Designed to fit perfectly around your busy life, it includes bite-sized videos (the longest is under 18 minutes) that can be listened to in Podcast form. Perfect for walks, car rides or folding the neverending pile of laundry!

PLUS it includes value-packed downloadable cheat sheets and resources you can start using straight away—woohoo!


Google Ads Overview

Start with the fundamentals: 


Getting to Know Google Ads

Dig a bit deeper into basic concepts, with:


Google Ads + Marketing Funnel

Take a look at how Google Ads work in your marketing funnel:



Discover the basics for measuring the effectiveness of your paid ads:


Attribution Models

Dive into the tricky tech bits to make sure your ads are working:



Learn about doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t in your Google Ads account, including



Get your keywords right:

I’ve really loved the bootcamp – I love the practical application and it was broken down into manageable steps. I feel a lot better about my account setup and I’m on the right track. Thank you!


Wow! This is amazing.

I had google set up my ads and then paid others to run them over the years and they never gave me this amount of detail or even came close to explaining it so well!

I’m excited about being able to go back and correct everything to better optimize the performance of my ads. Thank you so much


Thanks so much for sharing your absolute wealth of quality information and making Google Adwords less confusing and scary, it’s greatly appreciated!


This is so useful. Even though Google reps helped us with conversion tracking, they didn’t tell us the complete info I got from here.



Heya, I'm Kaity and I'm damn good at Google Ads.

I’ve worked with A-lister clients like Snuggle Hunny Kids, Showpo and Kettle & Fire, helping them achieve serious ROI from their marketing spend.

AND I’ve taught business owners and marketers how to profitably use Google Ads and kiss overwhelm and tech-overload goodbye.

Best of all? I have a knack of breaking down confusing concepts (like Google Ads) and letting my students in on the trade secrets I use with 7 figure clients in a totally accessible way.

Interested in ads? You’re gonna love it here!

I'm not about wasting your time

If you can’t tell from the module breakdown above, I’ve jam packed a whooole lot of value into this Bootcamp.

BUT… you can’t learn everything you need to know about Google Ads in a minicourse. 

Not even one that’s this good.

So if you’re sure you’re ready to give Google Ads a red hot go you can jump straight over to my bigger, beastier, more comprehensive (and more hands-on) course Profitable Promotion.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want you investing in a 12-week course if it isn’t the right move for you or it’s not going to get real results.

So if you’re on the fence about Google Ads—or you want to check out my teaching style first—then this Bootcamp will help you make the right call about your next best steps.

WHILE ALSO giving you the foundational knowledge to get your account up to scratch, make quick wins and avoid time- and money-sucking mistakes.

Sounds good right?

If you’ve read allll that juiciness and you’re feeling overwhelmed and still thinking…

I’ll save time (and bypass the sucky bits) by outsourcing my Google Ads to someone who already knows what they’re doing.

You need to know that…

Working with a Google Ads expert can be expensive. 

And if the cost of the expert or agency you’re considering seems too good to be true, well, it probably is.

Time and again I hear from business owners who’ve hired someone to run their ads. And despite making big promises they didn’t deliver results—or even communicate what they were doing or why.

Stuff like…

I’ve used agencies in the past who are all smoke and mirrors, and who don’t like to tell you the details on how they do things and why, that’s how they make their money right?! 

I have a small agency looking after my Google Ads but I think they could do better and their communication is terrible. 

I started off doing it myself, and then got a management company to look after it. They were tracking OK, but looking at change history a year in I could see they were doing practically nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ‘uns out there, but they usually come with a pretty high ticket price. One that might not be worth it for your biz.

Google Ads Bootcamp will help you decide whether hiring an expert will give you bang for your buck AND give you the foundations to understand WHAT they’re doing and WHY. 

So you can effectively advocate for your business (and avoid getting bamboozled by shonky ‘experts’).

Smartie-pants business owners like you are too savvy (and too busy) for scams.

Digital marketers, copywriters, social media managers, biz caches and other online-biz-building legends...

YES! Google Ads Bootcamp is for you too!

If you’re toying with the idea of including Google Ads in the services you offer to your clients then Bootcamp is the perfect way to get a taste of what you’re in for.

And even if Google Ads isn’t a service you end up offering to your clients, Bootcamp will beautifully round out your marketing knowledge. So you can be sure you’re giving the very best advice to your clients about whether adding Google Ads to their marketing mix is a smart move for them.


(AKA the stuff we haven't covered yet)

Nope, not at all! We’ve specifically designed this course to make complex concepts super easy-to-understand, even for the very beginning-est of beginners.

AND we’re here for you every step of the way. So if you get stuck and feel frustrated we’re just a FB post, or course call away.

Google Ads isn’t something that should be learned alone. You need a worthy Sea Captain to help you navigate the choppy water.

If you’re still keen, we’d love to be that Captain.

Bootcamp includes just over 2 hours of video (or audio if you listen on your podcast app) in total. You’ll also want to put aside some extra time for implementation if you want to put the learning into action.

The great news is, it’s totally self-paced, so you can fit it in around your busy schedule OR set aside a half-day and get it all done at once.

And remember, if you’re considering using Google Ads or you’ve dabbled but you’re not sure if it’s worth continuing, this Bootcamp is actually designed to help you SAVE time. By helping you make informed decisions about how you manage your account and giving you best practice knowledge to get you started on a profitable path.

As soon as you sign up! We’ll send you a link to access all of the modules immediately so you can get started straight away.

Bootcamp is for everyone! Our campers run ecomm or service-based businesses, are digital marketers or work in in-house marketing teams.

We’re aiming to keep Google Ads Bootcamp as affordable as possible, which means hands-on help isn’t included.

If you decide to step up to our bigger 12-week course, Profitable Promotion after Bootcamp you’ll get ALLLLL the support you can handle (and then some). 

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